Puerto Rico is a domestic flight!

It is genuinely amazing how many folks think that Puerto Rico is an international destination (for those of you living in the US). But its not. You don’t need a visa and you don’t need to carry your passport. Flights beginning in the US and ending in Puerto Rico are considered domestic flights (Assuming you aren’t going through another country).

Yes, you can visit Puerto Rico if you don’t have a valid US Visa stamp on your passport (again, assuming you are flying from the US). Don’t expect to get into Puerto Rico with no visa stamp if you are coming in from anywhere else. Remember that Puerto Rico is a US territory and hence actually the US.

All you need to get to Puerto Rico is your State ID and a flight ticket. Flights from LA are typically long (about 9 hours) and have to transit via Florida. But are well worth it. Puerto Rico feels absolutely nothing like the US. Its inherently Caribbean, everything runs on island time, the weather is gorgeous and the food fantastic. There is also plenty to see and things are relatively cheap.

Its a shame that the PR economy is in shambles at the moment. Old town San Juan is just charming and feels like you are walking around a small European town. The beaches on the outskirts of San Juan are pristine. Vieques Island is beautiful and Culebra island has the most amazing white powder sand beaches. Plus its beach drinks central! Fresh made Pina Coladas rule the beaches (yes, drinking on the beaches is allowed) and who doesn’t enjoy an umbrella drink on the beach.

Just a regular day on Culebra Island
So yeah, PR is domestic. Go support their economy because the US government isn’t doing as much as it should to help them. PR checks off every box for a beach vacation. Great weather, great beaches, gorgeous resorts, great food, plenty of alcohol, the Bacardi factory and even a little bit of city thrown in. 4-5 days should cover San Juan and a surrounding island.

From LA, one can occasionally get round trips to San Juan for about $375 on American. Its about as low as it gets. If you see something close to that, jump on it!


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