Climbing up Castle Of San Giovanni for views of the Bay of Kotor for free


I visited Kotor a couple of weeks ago and we headed up St. John’s Fortress to get the below view of the Bay. There are 2 ways to access this view. Pay EUR 8 to climb the castle (and it is a steep and long climb…mostly stairs) or take the back way, which is free, but is also a long climb though there are no steps and its a gradual incline. It will still be around 45 mins to an hour depending on your pace, one way. We knew there was a way via the back but couldn’t find exact and accurate info to the entry point for the trail, so I figured I would list it out here.

Drive yourself to the Apartments Ana shown below. Just as the road turns left, you can see the narrow pathway branching off the road. That is the entry way to the trail. Parking here is free if you can find it. Its a fairly narrow and very crowded road. We were lucky enough to find a spot right in front of the trail opening. The trail is actually marked by small red and white markings so its not easy to get lost once on it.

Its a long walk from there to the top, account for about an hour each way. Its not as strenuous due to being an incline and not steps. But it is mostly uncovered so if its a hot day, definitely be careful. Carry at least 1 bottle of water per person.

Keep going all the way to the top until you see a hole/window in the wall of the fort. Go through the hole and you are basically now inside the fort, and the point from which you get amazing views of the city. Along the way on your climb, you will come across a cheese shop and Rakija (local alcohol) shop. You can likely buy water from them as well but be safe and bring your own. During our climb in May, the place was closed.


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