Vietnam will now issue e-visas to Indians

Woohoo! Yet another country makes it easier for us to visit.

Earlier this year, Vietnam started a new program where they would issue e-visas directly to visitors from about 40 countries. A couple of days ago, they added 6 more countries to that list and India is one of them!

The entire list of all countries eligible can be accessed here. Earlier, the process involved signing up with one of the many Vietnam visas on arrival services online and paying them via credit card to get a visa issued and waiting for you at the Vietnamese airport. Once you landed in Vietnam, you had to wait for a physical visa for your passport for about 45 minutes to an hour. Not really that convenient. And you had to pay $55/person for that convenience.

Fortunately, the new government website issues you a visa directly within 3 working days. You upload a copy of your passport, pay $25 directly and get a visa within 3 working days. Saving you $30 in the process.


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  1. That’s good news 🙂


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