Thailand now requiring proof of funds before admitting into country

Likely of relevance since Thailand is a very popular holiday destination for Indians and also because Thailand is now providing free visas for Indians.

Via Live and Let’s Fly, Folks are facing potential issues clearing immigration if you are unable to show a minimum of THB 20,000/person or equivalent in hand if asked. Note that there is no easy ATM access on arrival and all you have are the exchange counters which gouge you on the rates to pull out cash.

This wasn’t really an issue previously, as I used to just show up with enough money to pay for the visa and then clear immigration and use the ATM’s which provide real time conversions on the currency. This might not be a viable option anymore. The country is doing this to combat what Thai authorities call “begpacking”. Begpacking is the act of backpackers (mostly from first world countries like Europe and Australia) performing for cash (or just begging) on the streets. Pretty ridiculous when you think about it….a first world citizen asking for money from residents of a developing country.

Can totally understand the reasoning behind this…just be wary and carry cash so you do not face issues. Thailand is an astoundingly beautiful place, especially outside Bangkok.



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