Peru waives visa requirements!

On March 6 2017, The Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry waived tourist and business visitor visa requirement for incoming Indian nationals. The exemption will apply to Indian citizens holding a visa for at least six months or a permanent resident status in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or any Schengen State.

The document stipulates that Indian nationals shall enter Peru visa free for a stay of up to 180 days, either for a continuous visit or several consecutive visits, within a 12-month period. The reciprocal measure follows on India’s decision to liberalize tourist and business visa regime for Peruvians, announced last week.

Somehow I only found out about this a full 2 months later. While getting a visa to Peru is relatively easy compared to most other countries, its still inconvenient in that it requires keeping aside half a day, compiling up a bunch of  documents and shelling out approximately $50 in addition to giving up your passport for a couple of days. And this is if you are lucky enough to be within range of a consulate. My trip to the Peruvian consulate here in LA was extremely pleasant but I am thrilled that this is one less place I need to apply to get a visa.

The endless salt fields in Peru
Particularly if you live in LA, Lima is an excellent choice for a quick 3 day weekend getaway. The flight times are excellent (go to sleep at night in LA, wake up in Lima in the morning), the currency works in your favor and the food options are nothing short of phenomenal as are the people. Prices to Lima in particular are also frequently in the $400 range.

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